Museum Tour Guide System OKAYO WT-808


! Experience true sound quality with the WT-808 tour guide system

In order to avoid the problems caused by the use of inappropriate tour guide devices such as making noise by these devices in environments where there is an audio frequency and also to solve the problem of not hearing the sound of the tour leader by visitors due to noise, we recommend the okayo wt-808 tour guide system

With this device, you can easily communicate with users and visitors in different internal and external environments


دستگاه تورگاید WT-808R/T
دستگاه تورگاید
سیستم تورگاید Okayo WT-808
دستگاه راهنمای تور Okayo WT-808

! Greate sound quality combining your visual experience during the visiting

As a result of specific noise-lock technology, OKAYO WT-808 series optimizes sound delivery. True sound quality provides you maximum comfort for the ear. Featuring 3.5mm AUX out function enable connection to CD & MP3 Players, and mobile phones which amplifies the application. The system is also available with adjustable volume control which allows everyone in the group to hear or speak at comfortable volume level
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  • Frequency band on 794 ~ 865 MHz (region dependent)
  • 16channels
  • True sound quality
  • Robust design for easy maintenance
  • Powered by two AA battery (Alkaline or Ni-MH), 16 hours battery life
  • Long duration using time
  • Rechargeable design