سیستم صوتی ترجمه همزمان

Roshd Tadbir Noavar (RTN)

RTN Company is trying to develop thinking by innovating in the production of some equipment of conference halls and amphitheater, in order to can provide good and efficient services to satisfy customers. Other goals of the company are utilizing the most up-to-date audio and video equipment in conference halls, amphitheaters, performing and installing equipment, lighting and producing some conference equipment including desktop and ceiling monitor lifts


Introducing Company Units


Sale Unit


Sales Department

RTN Co. is proud of representing the world's modern and valid brands in the field of conference system and its many years of experience in consulting and sales of audio visual equipment, lighting of conference halls, amphitheater and cinema to enhance the quality and customer satisfaction is prepared to service throughout the country of Iran rtnco is appointed agent of Taiden, shinybow and avmotion products and It is proud of carrying out several important governmental and non-governmental projects with this products


rtnco is appointed agent of Taiden, shinybow and avmotion products and It is proud of carrying out several important governmental and non-governmental projects with this products


:Some of the products of these brands

TAIDEN in the field of digital conference microphone and fully digital conference system

Okayo in the field of Interpreter Language systems, Tour Guide systems and Audio Guides





Rental Unit




RTN Co. with the goal of saving the cost of equipping the conference hall, has established a rental department .This Company include a proffesional staff is ready to rent conference system, conference microphone, audio-visual systems and simultaneous translation systems to hold Domestic and international conferences, scientific and cultural-artistic conferences










واحد تولید


Produce Department

RTN CO. is the first manufacturer of desktop and ceiling monitor lifts (LCD lift) in Iran for supporting domestic products. The products are in a high quality level and after-sales services are considered for a long time to provide customer's satisfaction.




Some of our products

Design and production of desktop monitor lift (19" or 22") with international standard

Design and production of Ceiling lift for large monitors with international standard

Design and production of video projector lifts in variety sizes with international standard

Design and production of VSP panel

Design and production of motorized projection screen in variety sizes




واحد پشتیبانی و خدمات


Services and Support

RTN Co. is pleased with announcing that it is the first company collect electronic engineers and experts in the field of repairing audio-visual and electronic equipments

RTN Co. In order to satisfy customers, all the products are sold by this company and its agents are under their 10 year guarantee and services that are ready to support and service the equipment of the conference system and other audio-visual equipments







?.Why RTN Co

Specialized consultant in the field of conference halls

?.Why RTN Co

Specialized consultant in the field of conference halls

Utilizing experienced staff to develop business and production and employment in the field of construction and equipment of conference halls, amphitheaters, conferences and cinemas using the most up-to-date audio-visual equipment

Expert team

Careful planning

Quality guarantee
Extensive and professional services

Monitor Lift (LCD Lift)

The Monitor lift is a device for installing monitors inside the conference tables

This device comes out the monitors from the table when users need them and displays images to users, and when the uers don’t used them, the monitors will be hidden inside the table in order to safety and preventing damages to monitors and the proper use of space on the table

For more information, contact us please

Nice-looking and durable switch panel
Individual or group control
Remote control by central controller
function of automatically tilting angle of the monitor
Function of automatically power connection & disconnection
Less than 30 seconds for single way rising up or down

Language interpretation system

It may be necessary to translate presentations by simultaneous translator in different languages ​​at exhibitions, seminars, or domestic and international conferences, which can be used Interpreter language systems to meet the needs

The function of these systems is such that the Interpreter can easily hear the speaker’s sound through the headphones of the device then Interprets it into the microphone so that users can receive the Interpreter’s voice with high clarity through their headphones

سیستم ترجمه همزمان

Tour Guide

Often, because of the problems and limitations that exist for tour and museums guides, the lack of a tour guide system and a proper museum guide may create unfavorable conditions for tourists and visitors

With the Okayo WT-500 tour guide system , you can ensure that the voice of the tour guide will reach to all visitors similarly with the highest quality

Handheld microphone and Headmic (Wireless)

Wireless handheld microphone, suitable for use in conference halls, amphitheater, lecture, music and educational programs

With the introduction of hanheld microphone and headmic into the market, the problems of hand-held microphones, have been eliminated for speakers and performers

Tour Guide System OKAYO WT-350

Suitable for visiting museums, exhibitions, factories and places with ambient noise. The device can be used on tours by tour leaders and tourists to communicate and receive high-Quality sound at distances of up to 70 meters. It is also used as a Interpreter language system for seminars, exhibitions, lectures and conferences, etc

دستگاه تورگاید

Goose neck Microphone with the ability to adjust the angle with a red LED ring to display the status of the microphone

 Chairman unit is equipped with Priority button to control the meeting and disable participants

3.5mm stereo headphone jack with volume adjustable and RJ45 socket for connecting microphones to each other

Hi-Fi loudspeaker, minimal feedback, mutes automatically when microphone is active

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