?What is a desktop conference microphone


One of the essential equipment in conference halls is the use of conference microphones, which in the best case is expected to receive the voice of the speaker with the best quality from the other audience. RTN Co. by introducing excellent brands and products in this field, will take steps to improve the quality of your meetings

Often, due to problems and limitations for tour guides, such as people not hearing the sound of the tour leader, the use of a tour guide system and the appropriate museum guide device, Provide favorable conditions for tourists and visitors

It may be necessary to translate presentations by simultaneous translator in different languages ​​at exhibitions, seminars, or domestic and international conferences, which can be used Interpreter language systems to meet the needs

DragonFLY is a compact wireless microphone with interference-free, designed for dependable and trouble-free performance. DragonFLY will be the best partner for Live broadcasters, YouTubers, vloggers, and interviewers

Wireless handheld microphone and collar microphone


Wireless handheld microphone is suitable for use in conference halls, amphitheaters, conferences, all lecture, music and educational programs

With the introduction of collar microphone and headmic into the market, the problems of hand-held microphones, have been eliminated for speakers and performers