What’s the conference desktop panel? (VSP Panel)


VSP Panel is suitable for Conference halls and Class rooms

Conference desktop panel (VSP Panel) is a box that is installed on conference tables and provides access to variety of ports depending on the installation panel. In conference halls, you can easily meet the needs of users by installing VSP panels on the table to run files by participants in meetings from laptops, PCs, flash drives and etc

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 Applications of VSP Panel

?What is the use of VSP Panel

VSP Panel Utilizations

It allows users connect their laptop and PCs through HDMI or VGA ports with sound to VSP panel, so communication between the computer and the projection is provided and images are displayed on the screen. In the other words, users can share audio and video from their own device with each other

This panel allows you to connect the power cable of a laptop or other electronic equipment and play audio through the Audio socket and send it to the speakers installed in the hall

By connecting your computer and laptop to the ports on the VSP panel, you can display the desired information through various video systems such as video projector or LCD with high resolution, or by using network and Internet ports, you can show any type of the files

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VSP Panel Features


  • Installed as a built-in and easy operation
  • Possibility to install panels next to each other and in large numbers
  • Superior quality and more beautiful appearance than other panels in the market
  • opening and closing the conference panel without sound in the shortest time as possible
  • When not in use, the panel will appear flat on the table and will not create an unsightly appearance

VSP Panel Dimensions

These panels are produced in two colors, black and chrome

VSP Panel Ports

VSP panel has HDMI, 3.5mm audio and VGA ports, LAN and universal AC power output



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پنل VSP
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پنل رومیزی کنفرانس
پنل نصبی کنفرانس
پنل vsp