Tour Guide System OKAYO WT-500R/T


An amazing offer for tour leaders

Often, because of the problems and limitations that exist for tour and museums guides, the lack of a tour guide system and a proper museum guide may create unfavorable conditions for tourists and visitors

: Some of these problems are

  • Not hearing the tour guide’s voice clearly
  • Making unpleasant noise by the other devices in environments that exist audio frequency
  • commotion and noise in museums, exhibitions, galleries and other tourism environments


With the Okayo WT-500 tour guide system , you can ensure that the voice of the tour guide will reach to all visitors similarly with the highest quality

The Okayo WT-500 system is suitable for tour guides

The WT-500 series can work with only one battery for more than 15 hours. This feature helps tourists avoid carrying batteries and spending extra expenses and with only 70 gr weight, it brings comfort to its users

The automatic channel lock function prevents from changing channel wrongly and its LCD backlight helps users easily . read channel numbers in dark environments. For more information Contact us please

  • Frequency band on 640 ~ 870 MHz (region dependent)
  • 40 or 80 channels (depends on frequency)
  • LCD display for battery, channel number reading
  • Channel lock and power saving functions
  • Fin antenna secures 100+ meter wireless coverage
  • Powered by one AA battery (Alkaline or Ni-MH), 15 hours battery life
  • Rechargeable design