Interpreter Language System TAIDEN HCS-5100

?How does the HCS-5100 language interpretation system work

It may be necessary to translate presentations by simultaneous translator in different languages ​​at exhibitions, seminars, or domestic and international conferences, which can be used Interpreter language systems to meet the needs

The function of these systems is such that the Interpreter can easily hear the speaker’s sound through the headphones of the device then Interprets it into the microphone so that users can receive the Interpreter’s voice with high clarity through their headphones

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Interpreter Language System TAIDEN HCS-5100 with amazing capabilities

This system is one of the best TAIDEN brand systems in the field of simultaneous translation. The HCS-5100Plus digital infrared simultaneous translation device is compatible with the new generation TAIDEN digital infrared processing chip. The system supports up to 40 broadcast channels in accordance with international digital infrared standards and is equipped with an independent smart chip and offers high quality sound. This system is capable of displaying the name of the language and the angle of sound and image reception up to 270 degrees. If this system is combined with the HCS-4100/50 all-digital conference system and the translation unit, the translations will be provided in the best quality and conditions

RTN Company guarantees that the TAIDEN HCS-5100 series Interpreter language system is one of the best in this field. Contact us for more information and free advice. Click here to see other examples of simultaneous translation systems

IR Transmitters
  • Capable of distributing a maximum of 8, 16, 32 or 40 audio channels
  • Ability to change configuration and channel status
  • LCD receiver display shows channel number and complete language name
  • Automatic synchronization: number of available channels is the same as
  • 270°super wide reception angle
  • Works without errors, even in bright sunlight
  • Bypass mode, used for signal distribution to multiple rooms
  • Delay compensation for cable transmission
  • The infrared communication frees users from worries about eavesdropping and radio interference


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