Interpreter Language System OKAYO EJ-7R/T


?How does the EJ-7 language interpretation system work

It may be necessary to translate presentations by simultaneous translator in different languages ​​at exhibitions, seminars, or domestic and international conferences, which can be used Interpreter language systems to meet the needs

The function of these systems is such that the Interpreter can easily hear the speaker’s sound through the headphones of the device then Interprets it into the microphone so that users can receive the Interpreter’s voice with high clarity through their headphones

دستگاه ترجمه همزمان OKAYO EJ-7
سیستم ترجمه همزمان
دستگاه مترجم همزمان

The Okayo EJ-7 language interpretation system surprises delegates in terms of efficiency at any time

This system is one of the best Okayo brand systems in the field of simultaneous translation. It has sensitivity adjustment switches on transmitters and it also has volume control on receivers along with a monitoring system on built-in headphone. Language interpretation system exist in both monolingual and multilingual languages. To select an appropriate language interpretation system, you should consider the number of conference attendants and the number of requisite languages. This issue can be impressed on selecting type and the number of transmitter devices. After choosing the right language interpretation system, you can buy it or to economize on current expenses, you could rent it

We assure you that undoubtedly the Okayo EJ-7 language interpretation system is among the best in this field. For more information contact us please

  • Aluminum case with professional look
  • flexible antenna with an average range of 80 to 100 meters
  • Transmitter Inputs: MICROPHONE, LINE, AUX
  • Receiver outputs: LINE, AUX, HEADPHONE
  • LCD display for battery, channel number reading
  • Rechargeable design
  • Connecting to the amplifier and speaker to use wireless system