Bobypack Transmitter OKAYO EJ-7XT


With the introduction of hanheld microphone and headmic into the market, the problems of hand-held microphones, have been eliminated for speakers and performers

These microphones are available in both wireless and wired types. The EJ-7XT microphone is in the category of wireless microphones and unlike the wired collar microphones brings freedom to users

The Okayo EJ-7XT has high quality and low noise level. Ensuring in stability and cost-effectiveness makes it is numbered among the most popular systems

گیرنده میکروفن بی سیم

Wireless Receiver EJ-702DR Plus



گیرنده بی سیم EJ-702DR Plus

Portable receiver suitable for holding training, simultaneous translation, tour guide programs. A single-channel stationary receiver that lets you use a microphone at the same time. A dual channel stationary receiver that allows the use of two microphone simultaneously

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  • Mini XLR input jack
  • Frequency: 640- 865 MHz
  • Up to 80/100-meter reception range
  • 16/96 available selected channels
  • Three adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Informative LCD screen for easy operation
  • Battery type : 1.5V x 2 AA-type Alkaline battery
  • Dimension (DxWxH) : 26 x 64 x 98 mm
  • Weight : 170g (with batteries)